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Introducing the Tygart Lake Boat

Tygart Lake Boat



Welcome to the Village Boat Shop, a boatbuilding and woodworking shop available for the building and repair of plank on frame and lapstrake wooden boats.  Half hull models and other wooden items are also available.

Boats to 30 feet in length will fit inside the shop and certain projects can be finished outside. Prepping, painting, and varnishing are also available. If you are looking for a new boat or would like your old boat put back into service or just commissioned for spring, please call or email.

Local boat for sale: 1964 Chris Craft Cutlass 22

Current Projects:

Atkin designed flatbottom sailboat - Willy Winship

Chris Craft Sportsman 17 rebuild

Recent Projects:

Maine built Whitehall rowing boat repair

1959 Lyman 17

John Gardner Whitehall

1956 Century Resorter

Tygart Lake Boat

I have also recently drawn plans for a center console lobsterboat hull. These hulls will be powered by Betamarine diesels.

Inboard diesel center console picnic boat


Patrick Hopkins
385L 1st Street, Lawrence, PA 15055